Sunday, January 24, 2021

A few Packer thoughts

The is the kind, non-depressing version of my reaction to today's game at Lambeau Field. And to give it away like that. A horrible TD given up with 1 second left in the half, 2 FGs (and 0 runs) in goal-to-go circumstances in drives where a TD ties the game. Dropped 2 point conversion. And then this coaching decision. Then they kicked away and never got the ball back. And lost to MAGA Tom Brady. Thankfully I'm older and get over stuff like this fast. But I sure hope that wasn't Rodgers last chance to get to the Big Game in Green Bay. It shouldn't be, but at this point, you never know.

29 years with 2 Hall of Fame quarterbacks playing for them, and the Packers been to the Super Bowl only 3 times. And once since 1997. What a waste.

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