Friday, January 8, 2021

Bryan Steil IDs the real bad guys in the coup- those who want to hold Trump accountable

I could have plenty to say about the attempted coup in DC this week, along with the criminal President that gave the order, and the fake surprise of so many who can't believe that unstable trailer trash would take a cue from Trump/GOP and try to overturn the will of the voters.

It's the last part that might be as vile as anything that has happened in this week. You can see the smarmy smiles on so many GOPs - "It's just a game, that we shouldn't take seriously, right guys? Biden will be president, what's the problem?"

"It's not a F***ING GAME! F*** what you heard, it's what you hearing!"

And it's ablout what the MAGAts are hearing, which is why GOPs andn their AM radio spokespeople continued to float out lies about how the election was handled. It's inteneed to keep these low-info, weak-minded fools stirred up and voting Republican.

Especially egregious in this two-step is Wisconsin Congressman Bryan Steil, who is now parroting the GOP line of the day, which is an epic in false equivalency. "Yeah, that attempted coup and dead people thing was bad, but hey it's over. Oh, you still want to hold Trump responsible for the riot he caused,? SCREW YOU!" Oh no, Bryan. We wouldn't want to lay the blame on an executive for violent mayhem. You'd NEVER do anything like that if some Trumper decided to play Army in your district and killed people, would you? Go back to fetching Paul Ryan's coffee and GTFO out the House, you pathetic, partisan slug.

GOPs won't try to get better until they lose their power, their money, and their status. And they will never operate in decency or good faith until then, so don't waste your time trying to work with these scumbags.


  1. Republicans only think justice applies to POC.

  2. Republican think justice only applies to POC