Saturday, October 12, 2019

Rep Jimmy sits, speaks and rises above WisGOP lowlifes

Wanted to give a postscript on this week's shenanigans from Assembly Republicans at the Wisconsin Capitol. This started when State Rep. Jimmy Anderson, who is a quadriplegic after he and his family had their car hit by a drunk driver several years ago, asked that he be allowed to call into certain committee meetings instead of having to go down to the Capitol for each meeting, as an accommodation of his disability.

Speaker Robbin' Vos ignored Anderson's request for a few months (a request that almost any employer would give their disabled workers), then whined that Anderson was "playing politics" when Jimmy went public about his request. Then, the GOP chose to allow Anderson to have his accommodation, but added a bunch of other rule changes that would allow them to ram through legislation with limited debate, and sneak through veto overrides in a manner similar to what happened in North Carolina after Democrats left the Capitol to attend a 9/11 commemoration.

When the rule changes were voted on this Thursday, Anderson took to the Assembly floor to call out the Vos, Steineke and the rest of Republican "leadership?" as "spiteful, petty and cruel". The speech is gripping and goes into uncomfortable detail as to why Anderson needs these accodmodations.

The GOP responded by splitting off the resolution with Anderson's accommodation, but still threw in some of the rules changes that Anderson and other Democrats found abhorrent, causing them to vote "No". And the other garbage rule changes were also approved in a separate resolution, and Steineke had the nerve to make it sound like he was being a nice guy to split it up. ARE YOU JOKING, SHRIMPY?

And the question for Assembly Republicans is "Why?" Why didn't they just give Anderson his accommodation,and do it cleanly and separately in a unanimous vote that buries the issue? And why lump it in with another Power Grab? Because you can?

Small men with small constituencies doing small things.

JR Ross of WisPolitics was claiming that rules changes like this is something no one outside of the Capitol cares about. But I disagree, because it's the type of cruelty and rigging that pisses off casual people that don't pay a lot of attention to politics (especially at the state level). And on top of the gerrymandering and initial Power Grab in December, it is crystal clear to anyone who is honest that WisGOP does not care for fair play, does not care about what happens to our state as a result, and doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything that won't help them and their donors get more money and more power.

There's your message, WisDems. Beyond issues, WisGOPs are amoral lowlifes who don't believe in democracy. AND NONE ARE INNOCENT.


  1. I agree that this is the type of thing that change the minds of a lot people about the GOP and Vos. I hope the media will pick this story up statewide because that is what is needed to get rid of these creeps. In the meantime, Jimmy Anderson's constituents are being denied their representation by Robin Vos. If anyone of them wanted to sue wouldn't they have a pretty good case?

  2. The behavior of Vos, Steineke, Fitzgerald, Luther, Nygren, and far too many other GOP "public servants" ranges easily into the pathological. They need therapy, not power.

    1. They need to be given the boot. I'm not sure they're redeemable at this point, especially because being sleazy has gotten them rewarded so far.

  3. All the more reason for a law to require candidates for public office to undergo psych-eval. Any found to be narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, or found to exhibit severe deficits which render them incapable of acting for the wellbeing of ordinary constituents would be banned from running.
    Imagine a legislature and a Governor's Office occupied by individuals who are free from the pathologies that currently, and rampantly, infect the GOP. Broadly-shared economic prosperity would not be scorned and mis-represented, WMAC and WEDC would be subject to much more skeptical scrutiny, and...