Sunday, October 6, 2019

Weekend shows Ron Johnson, Donald Trump flaming out in Wisconsin

Couple of odds and ends from the weekend.

First, Ron Johnson's horrid week continued on Sunday. You know you're making an idiot of yourself when Chuck ("It's Not My Job to Say What the Facts Are") Todd calls you out for evading and BSing.


Wisconsin Dem Party Chair Ben Wikler noted that many Wisconsinites still have no opinion of Johnson, despite being a Senator for 8 1/2 years (!). And it sounds like Wikler isn't going to repeat the DPW's past mistakes where they would let Johnson's stupidity and corruption fade from people's memories.

Speaking of polls, Fox News just released one of more than 1,000 registered voters in Wisconsin, and it showed that Donald Trump is out of favor in a state he can't afford to lose.
Wisconsin voters are unhappy with how things are going in the country, oppose the border wall, think tariffs hurt the economy, and disapprove of the job President Trump is doing. That gives Democratic candidates the lead in each of the possible 2020 matchups tested in a Fox News Poll of Wisconsin registered voters.

Joe Biden bests Trump by 9 points (48-39 percent) and has the only lead outside the poll’s margin of error. Bernie Sanders is up by 5 over Trump (45-40) and Elizabeth Warren has a 4-point edge (45-41). In each case, the remaining 13-14 percent of undecided/third-party voters is enough to shift the race either way.

Trump receives 41 percent support or less in each of the matchups -- well below the 47 percent he won the Badger State with in 2016. At the same time, none of the Democrats hit 50 percent.
That last paragraph is the key point. Trump has universal name recognition in the state, and he still can't get more than 41% to vote for him. And Trump's job approval and disapproval was what you'd expect from an incumbent that is losing.

That isn't going to get anyone re-elected. Especially when "Trump fatigue" is likely to be a real thing for a lot of people by November 2020 (if he's still president).

And that poll was taken before Trump was openly asking China to interfere in the next election, and before Ron Johnson twisted himself into absurd knots to both cover up for the President, while also revealing info to the public that showed himself and Trump to be lying.

Add it up, and it tells me that if Dems want to win in Wisconsin next year, they don't need to worry about attracting "swing voters" and triangulating with mush. Instead, get inspiring candidates, which will drive up turnout and overwhelm deplora-trash that are loud, but a clear minority of voters in the state at this point.

What a crazy week, and a disastrous one for the two Republicans that won statewide in Wisconsin in 2016. I can't think the next one will go any better in WisGOP land.

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