Wednesday, August 26, 2020

After more death in Kenosha, WisGOP goes low, and looks worse after MKE sports teams step up

It was distressing enough to wake up in the morning and find out that some 17-year-old decided to live out his Call of Duty fantasies in Kenosha.

Before we found out who this kid was, the Wisconsin GOP decided to concentrate on shifting blame onto Governor Evers than, you know, giving a care about TWO PEOPLE BEING SHOT.

Boy, these WisGOPs sure weren't saying it was "too soon to be playing politics" after this multiple shooting, were they? Such a trash act.

And it's wrong-headed, especially in blaming Evers for a militia nut shooting people, because Evers called for a special session to deal with gun violence last year. What did Robbin' Vos and Senate GOP leader Scott Fitzgerald (not) do?

Same thing happened in June when Evers wanted to have a special session to take up bills on policing reform after the death of George Floyd. And Evers has called a special session starting on Monday to revive some of those policing bills. Keep that in mind for later on.

Even though the kid was arrested just across the Illinois border today on tentative charges of first-degree murder, I will still boiling from how disgusting the WisGOPs were adding, as they used this violence to distract from having to deal with a two-tier society they are glad to maintain. And then around 2:45pm, another state-based organization responded to the violence.

And within minutes, it wasn't just the Bucks.

A couple of hours later, the other pro team based out of Milwaukee followed suit.

I will note that the Cubs (owned by Trump fundraiser Tom Ricketts) did not postpone their game tonight, although African-American Cubs player Jason Heyward chose not to play.

The Bucks took their wildcat strike to another level, demanding action and change when it came to policing in Wisconsin, taking their case to the highest law enforcement officer in the state.

So let's see if Robbin' and Fitz still pull the "gavel in, gavel out" routine next week after the Bucks pulled extra attention to the subject. And after a few more days of casual people having to think about racial disparities and police methods with the NBA and MLB not playing games.

Crazy, surreal time to be in this state. And not in a good way.


  1. I happen to have heard part of the press conference from Kenosha this afternoon. The Mayor more or less took responsibility for not asking for enough help. He said that he had been given everything he'd asked for, and when he asked for more the next night he got that as well.

    The head of the WI National Guard also spoke. He said he had been in touch with other ststes' national guards, that it was a Governor-to-Governor kind of request, and that he would be in charge of any "borrowed" National Guardsmen that are deployed. This all before the disgusting orange blob claimed credit for sending in Federal assistance.

    BTW, starting to see stories where all the fire-breathing law-and-order GOPper pols are getting all nervous. "Gee, I hope all that additional help will be enough." Them and the Mayor of Kenosha, but he's trying to save lives while they're just worried about their rhetorical mud splashing back in their sorry faces.

  2. F N.B.A. Hopefully we can bankrupt the new Fiserv Forum, and send that scumbag owner Alex Lasry to the poorhouse. I tossed my Bucks hat into the garbage today, and I know plenty of others that did the same. Not one more cent to support BUCKS-PAC.

  3. I'm sure a mediocre racist fool like you will be sorely missed, and not replaceable whatsoever.