Monday, August 31, 2020

No surprise that WisGOP chooses to stay on their taxpayer-funded vacation

Today was the opening of the special session that Governor Evers called for on policing and racial disparities, as he and the Milwaukee Bucks both asked for action after a police office shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha last week. Evers was asking the Legislature to take up bills that match the ones Evers put forth in mid-June.

The Republicans did nothing about it then, and they didn't do any real action today.

Because when you think of someone who can figure out ways to improve policing and deal with our state's massive racial disparities, you think of a man like Jim Steineke. A white Realtor from rural Outagamie County with no college degree whose background is selling homes. And not homes to a lot of Black people, given that his district was less than 1% Black when it was drawn up by the GOP in 2010.

And the fact that Evers has asked for the Legislature to pass these bills at other times makes this excuse that a Kenosha County Republican tried to pull on Adrienne Pedersen's weekend show questionable. At best.
In another segment, state Rep. Samantha Kerkman, R-Powers Lake, said she wished the governor would sit down with GOP legislative leaders to discuss a “bipartisan way to help move our community, our state, and our country forward.”

Pedersen asked her why lawmakers haven’t acted on police reform legislation the governor introduced months ago.

Kerkman said rushing into legislation sometimes has “unintended consequences.”

“The legislation will come in time, and we will do it right,” she said.
"Rushing into legislation", Sam? What have you been doing for the last 10 weeks? There hasn't been one committee hearing, any bills introduced until this week, or even a public input event to talk about these ideas.

COME ON WISGOP. You've been getting a paycheck from us in that time period, so you couldn't have spent a couple of hours to look at these bills? Or come up with any ideas of your own to deal with these real problems?

PA-THE-TIC, but not surprising. They'd rather the disparities and problems continue, while stamping their feet and jeering Evers from the sidelines.

It'll never get better while these do-nothings are in power and their gerrymanders are broken up.

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