Wednesday, April 13, 2022

In Wisconsin and in DC, it's time that 1/6 criminals and Big Liars be dragged and shredded

Each day, we see more evidence that Donald Trump and a whole lot of other Republicans were cooking up a scheme between the November 2020 election and the attempted overthrow of election results on January 6, 2021, and that it involved moves at the state and federal levels. Wisconsin was central to that scheme, as fake electors gathered in the Capitol in December 2020 to try to send 10 GOP electoral votes to DC in a cynical attempt to create a "contested" result that could then allow Trump to stay in office.

Along those lines, this story dropped in the afternoon, which sums up just how amoral the GOP's leader in the US Senate is (as if we didn't know this already).

Moscow Mitch stood back and said nothing about Trump's attempts to overturn the results in Georgia using the Big Lie, even though it could have led to a cascade of awfulness. And why? Because instead of caring about what might happen to the country if that Big Lie allowed a presidential election to be overturned, Moscow Mitch cared more the votes of MAGAt trash in the Georgia runoffs, so the GOP could stay in control of the Senate (a strategy that FAILED, by the way!)

GOPS KNEW about the TrumpWorld scheme before January 6th, and they said and did NOTHING. Moscow Mitch, Russian Ron Johnson and the rest of those lowlifes were going to wait and see how things played out for the GOP before they took any kind of stand about the Big Lie. And many are still pulling that two-step today.

You can bet WisGOPs also were aware of plans from elite right-wing circles on how they could try to reverse the choice of Wisconsin's voters in November. And you can bet some of them are working on such a scheme for 2024, should this state be stupid enough to elect a GOP governor along with a GOP Legislature this November. I also noticed some news from the Legislature that seems to be one heck of a coincidence in the week that we got the video of Robbin' Vos hosting John Eastman at Wisconsin's Capitol.

Skipping town to cash in before the plot caves in on Repiublicans, and/or avoiding any chance of being part of any 2024 scheme? Or do they have a heads-up that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will break up parts of WisGOP's Legislative gerrymander with a decision ahead of Friday's date to start passing out ballot petitions?

Or maybe they're still part of the plot to overturn and rig 2020's results. As recently as last month, RW hack lawyer John Eastman was still trying to sell his theory that state legislatures could overturn the 2020 elections, and he was selling it right here.

And now we have the video to go with it!

Explain to me how Eastman and Vos and Big Lie "investigator" Michael Gableman and others are still being allowed to grift and spread the Big Lie without any legal, political or financial punishment. They, along with TrumpWorld crooks like Steve Bannon and Trump himself, laugh at our seething rage as Merrick Garland and the January 6th Committee insist on accumulating evidence and organizing cases in private, according to "proper procedure".

The Wisconsinite in this clip captures my feelings quite well. Dems at all levels need to stop wasting time in their attempts to get the complete picture and make any criminal case against Trump officials airtight. FRY THE GUILTY ONES NOW and drag the not-so-innocent bystanders with them.

If you go public and move on the GOP's fascism, the January 6th Committee has public hearings and the DOJ hands down indictments with video of perp walks, more facts will come out anyway. Because those spineless dimwits will turn on each other, and some will try to save their skins by saying "I had nothing to do with this, but this guy did!"

And don't be smug and try to time January 6th actions till it's closer to midterms. It needs to be a relentless, public hammering on the evildoers, to the point that corporate media is not allowed to look away. Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) showed how it has to be done when he lit up pro-insurrectionist sleazebucket Josh Hawley on the Senate floor last week.

Schatz's comments to the press after that speech were even more on the mark. He expressed concern that Dems aren't signaling to the everyday voter that our system is in serious danger, so the public (understandably) doesn't pay attention to daily revelations of GOP fascism and scumminess that should be national scandals.
“The central selling proposition for a lot of moderate voters was that they could put Biden in place and then stop worrying about politics,” Schatz said, adding that despite this, noise from “the Maga movement continues to grow”.

“Voters who pay a normal amount of attention to our politics take their cues from elected officials as to how outrageous something is,” Schatz said.

“If we don’t seem particularly perturbed”, he added, situations like Hawley’s obstruction may come to seem like “no big deal”.
With that statement, Schatz shows that he understands the importance of our dire situation a lot more than the comfortable, rich, old Coastals that "lead" Dems in Congress. And why it is well past time for any Dem age 70+ in a "leadership" position to publicly announce they are taking a back seat to people that have to deal with what our country might look like in 2030.

The message for the next 7 months should be simple: ALL GOPs are guilty. ALL GOPs are fine with this country going down the drain, so ALL must be held responsible. We're in a Cold War with RW oligarchs and other amoral fascists, and if we lose, our democracy also likely is lost. We must fight and confront accordingly.

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