Monday, October 5, 2020

A tale of two COVID breakouts in Wisconsin.

We've already seen this picture, which identifies Wisconsin as the COVID Capital of America (outside of the White House). But what the last couple of weeks have shown is that the trend in infections is very different depending on where you might live in the state. In Ryan Curry's part of the state, the amount of infections keeps going up, and is at record levels. Starting with the county where tonight's Packer game is taking place (without fans, fortunately).
The two largest counties in Southeastern Wisconsin have seen resurgences in recent weeks, especially in Waukesha County, whose new cases have tripled in the last month, and features a State Assembly race where one candidate has COVID, and the other is showing symptoms of it.
But the news isn't bad in all parts of the state. Remember all of those breakouts in counties with UW campuses? Quite a few of them have seen cases come down in the last 2-3 weeks. Things aren't all good, as the number of new infections are still above what they were before school started, but at least things are going the right way in these counties.
What you're seeing is two different types of reaction to the COVID breakouts in Wisconsin. One part of the state recognizes that things are bad, and the people of those areas take steps to try to avoid further spread. Many folks in other parts of the state don't want to admit things are bad, and don't want to be inconvenienced, so things keep getting worse. And yes, there is quite a correlation to voting. "Redder place, deader place" is really coming true as September turned into October in Wisconsin. You hope it ends soon - both the redness and the deadness.

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  1. The psycho in the White House just climbed up to the balcony, removed his mask, and said, “Don’t be afraid of COVID.” It ain’t ending soon. It’s only getting worse.