Wednesday, October 21, 2020

WisGOPs do nothing, ignore reality as Wisconsin sets records for COVID deaths

File this under "timing is everything." And the chaser. That news follows a record week for deaths in Wisconsin, and the rate of new cases also continues to rise, even with a lack of data on Saturday due to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services updating their systems.
The fact that Ron Johnson was trying to tell WMC oligarchs that the COVID pandemic curve had flattened made for an extra-high Bubble of RW BS. And it follows this story yesterday from one of WMC's bought-off WisGOP legislators. These WisGOPs have given up, and the more they ignore reality, the worse thigs get in both the US and in Wisconsin. Maybe we should have people in charge who believe in using the science to crush the virus over dying for the DOW, and getting the do-nothing GOPs out of the way is how that happens.


  1. Jake can you address Robbin Vos' Facebook post by any chance? Have we used the $75m the JFC authorized or is this just popcorn boy talking crap?

  2. He's mostly full of crap. Here's the provision Robbin' is talking about.

    "Allow the Joint Committee on Finance to transfer up to $75 million from sum sufficient appropriations during the public health emergency declared on March 12, 2020, by Executive Order 72, and for a period of up to 90 days after the termination of the public health emergency. Transferred funds could be used for expenditures related to the public health emergency.

    Under current law, the Joint Committee on Finance can transfer funds between two appropriations or between two fiscal years in the same biennium if the transfer would eliminate unnecessary duplication of functions, result in a more efficient and effective method for performing programs, or more effectively carry out legislative intent. Such transfer must be for purposes which have been authorized or directed by the Legislature, and cannot change legislative intent. Current law does not allow a transfer from a sum sufficient appropriation to other types of appropriations."

    Basically Vos is complaining that Evers hasn't asked JFC to take money away from one allocation, and use it toward COVID-19 expenses. I looked at sum-sufficients, and it would have involved stealing from money set aside for the Homestead Credit, Aid to Local Governments, and money that we give to help staff the state's courts.

    Oh, but we likely aren't going to give money to Foxconn, so I suggest Evers send that request to JFC, if Robbin' wants to give up the money so badly.

  3. Let me also add that, as I read it, Joint Finance could move that $75 million themselves. But JFC hasn't willing to step up to do that, as JFC co-Chair Alberta Darling recently explained "we don’t need to come in because we gave [Evers] all the flexibility that he needs.”

    They are absurd, and pathetic.