Sunday, October 25, 2020

Another worsening week of COVID in Wisconsin, as GOP waves the white flag

Wisconsin's COVID-19 breakout has been getting national attention in recent days, with these news pieces being an example. And last week's numbers continued the bad trends. Saturday the 17th had zeros across the board as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services updated its servers, so I've distributed half of the increase shown on Sunday to the prior week. There also was the entry of some prior negative tests in the DHS systems, so that brought the positivity rates down a bit for October.

But even so, it's an alarming increase in deaths and new cases, and the rate of positive tests is still at a level that we weren't close to before the last month.
And so what does the GOP have to say, as things get worse in Wisconsin and the rest of the country? They've stopped even trying to step up to control this disease. They don't want to do the work of governing that comes with being in power. FIRE THEM ALL.

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