Tuesday, October 13, 2020

This week in Wisconsin COVID - still getting worse. And dumber

As we reach the middle of October, with temps set to drop into the 30s (and 20s up North), there is a whole lot of bad in the most recent week of COVID-19 numbers in Wisconsin. These charts show the statewide picture through Saturday, which showed that the number of new cases, deaths and rates of positive tests were still near record highs.
And hospitalizations around the state continued to jump last week.
Then today's news was even worse. Meanwhile, note the (indoor) scene as one of Donald Trump's kids visited Waukesha County yesterday. And what is a major GOP ally choosing to do today? I'd say boycott Tavern League members, but I'm not going inside to any bars these days anyway. Because of COVID-19 concerns. And I'm not going in there until things get a lot better in this state.

You wonder why things continue to get worse here? You wonder why????


  1. https://dangoodspeed.com/covid/total-cases-since-june

    But hey, we’ve got to catch up with all the red states!

  2. Folks, let’s not pretend we don’t know the main reason why COVID is surging in Wisconsin. Because drinking is the Wisconsin state pastime. Always has been. I’m usually a “We’re all in this together” type of person but frankly bars, bar owners and the Tavern League can go fuck themselves. They exist only to profit off of alcoholics by feeding them a steady supply of booze and then letting them drive home drunk. Which is another Wisconsin state pastime.

  3. One way to counter the Tavern League's message is to vote for and support Kirk Bangstad in Assembly District 34. He is running against former TL president and incumbent Republican Rep. Rob Swearingen who supported opening the state. The 34th includes Vilas, Oneida, Florence and parts of Forest counties. Look up his website.