Saturday, February 16, 2008

Primary thoughts

As this big weekend approaches in the Badger state, a few relatively quick thoughts.

First, it's been remarkable looking at the IU meltdown as someone who's lived in Indiana nearly half his life since age 15. I think Bob Knight is a disgraceful, ogreish egomaniac, but at least it was his own personal actions that was disgracing IU when he was there. Compare that today, where the coach is a sleazy liar who shoved an assistant under the bus to deflect the blame, and the administration is going to let this POS coach them in a nationally televised game while they figure out the legally proper way to blow his ass out the door. I never thought I'd see a day where UW was the standard in basketball performance, coaching and integrity that IU wished they could be, but that is certainly the case today.

Also, it's primary time in Wisconsin, and as an Obama guy, it's hilarious to hear Hillary's response on NAFTA. "Well, I didn't focus too much on that because I was trying to do health care reform at the time." Yes, let's bring up your biggest failure leading to a GOP-controlled Congress for the next 12 years as an accomplishment that allows you to avoid a position on an important trade issue. Then again, Boomers are good at that failing upwards thing, where the fact that you had experience doing something trumps the question of "Did you do it well?" And by the way, a gracious thanks to Hillary for finally discovering that a 50-50 state like us exists after polling data indicates she might get something from us. I'm sure folks won't forget that in November if somehow she connives her way into the nomination.

With 10 more inches on the way, looks like I'd better take advantage of today, so I suppose I will, and sample some more fine lagers of the area. Especially since I spent 4 hours reading and digesting reports for my projects and classes, and will have nothing to do tomorrow as Madtown hits 90+ inches for the season. I'm still waiting for that look-ahead weekend we usually get around this time, when it's 50 for a couple of days, and a nice reminder that Spring arrives at sometime. But it looks like I'll have to settle for nonstop college hoops instead this year.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Still not saying "Uncle"

Yeah, I survived that 13 inch storm that hit the Mad City last night. Hell, I even took my Corolla on an extra trip to pick up a buddy at the VA Hospital and then blasted through the sideways snow to meet buddies at (where else on a snowy day in Wisconsin?) the bar to watch Bucky win another one. Good times.

But given how this is the land of the Frozen Tundra, you'd think some would understand that going up hills, around buses, and in the wrong lane of traffic might ned badly...particularly when you're driving a POS small call. Yes, I saw you at Science Hall on Langdon Street, and you are not cool - although not as lame as the Lance Armstrong wanna-be I saw biking through this stuff in his official riding gear.

Enough of this grad research, it can wait till tomorrow and the weekend. And then it's the huge showdown with the Boilers, and I don't see them getting the call down the stretch this time. As long as the crowd does get frozen in time due to the -25 wind chills on Saturday (isn't it March in 3 weeks? C'mon weather!), I anticipate it being quite festive downtown on Saturday night.