Friday, January 18, 2008

Tundra freezing

Projected high of 0 with wind chill around -25 to -30 for the Mad City tomorrow. This'll make for a nice brisk walk to the Kohl Center to see Bucky keep on track vs. Northwestern tomorrow. These Easterners all think 15 is a bitter cold snap- softies. I just hope it feels REALLY cold for a lot of them Sunday night, but that's no sure thing for the Pack.

Hell, it's almost as cold here as the stock market (now negative for the 7 years of the Bush Administration). But I thought negative real wages were OK as long as it controlled inflation and was "business-friendly". Hmm, you're saying that may not be true?

Heck with it, back to the groove of the (aptly named for this evening) Arctic Monkeys.

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