Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow, I'm just stunned and amazed that for-profit corporations decided to swindle folks and make bad bets in an attempt to make a few extra bucks. Just stunned and amazed....

Now I remember exactly why I wanted nothing to do with the financial services industry. Douchebag central. And you gotta love McCain trying to say "We caused this culture of greed and deregulation, and we're gonna fix it!" Of course, there's nothing ever said by the GOPpers HOW to fix it, other than silly platitudes about out-of-control CEOs (where the policy seems to be "you're a bad, bad CEO. Don't be bad again.")

And speaking of bad CEOs, what's with Carly Fiorina saying Sarah Palin wouldn't be qualified to run HP, but that she's OK for VP? Ummm, I'm guessing VP's a much tougher job, although I would anticipate Palin being every bit the screw-up at her job as VP as you were at your job at HP, Carly.

But the really annoying part of that statement is the illustration of entitlement CEO culture. These folks really believe that their little piss-ant company and their (usually inherited) position is somehow more valuable in the grand scheme of things than policy-making, diplomacy, and national leadership. The disrespect these people have for those who decide to serve and improve this country is appalling, and needs to be called into attention.

Barack's sharpening the tone in recent days, but I want to see more, and I want it on my TV screen.

On my TV screen now is the Brewers, who seem to be continuing their epic collapse despite the new manager. Gimme football season, it's gotta be better than this 26th straight year of post-season futility.....or my portfolio.

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