Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dow up....to a 30% drop!

Sorry if I'm not breaking out the party hats for the Down getting back to 9000 today (and back within 2000 points of where it was....8 days ago). 10 years of being told by Boomers that the market always works in the long run, and I see the S&P down 10% since guys my age have been able to have any chance of investing. And thank God I don't own a house.

Ownership society? Fuck that. Give me a good-paying job and secure benefits, and I'll gladly take the extra taxes. You know why? Because there's no point in cutting income and capital gains taxes WHEN NO ONE'S GROWING INCOME OR CAPITAL GAINS ANYWAY! And this is leaving out the whole "being China's bitch because of our deficit," thing.

If you're the one non-Jake person reading this, don't be an idiot and vote McCain. Vote for the guy that actually has a clue about our problems, and some sort of coherent plan to fix it. It's not that hard, it really isn't.

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