Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The WisGOPs are acting....very predictably

Nice to know Wisconsin Republicans are changing politics from the way they used to be in our state.

1. Scott Walker breaks Jim Doyle's precedent by turning the proceeds of the Inaugural Ball from a fund raiser for the Boys and Girls Club, and transforming it into a WisGOP fundraiser. He and his boys just get classier by the day.

2. Senator-elect "new face for Washington" Ron Johnson has chosen a former flunkie for Bush's Homeland Security secretary and current D.C. lobbyist for his chief of staff. And unlike Russ Feingold (who promised to hire Wisconinites as his D.C. staffers and like most of his promises, kept to it), RoJo takes a Virginia guy who's probably living in one of those D.C. d-bag suburbs that's built on people who bilk the government for contracts and tax breaks.

If you were foolish enough to think these boys would give some kind of change from the corrupt system we're polluted by, they're laughing at you all the way to the exclusive boys' club bank. HAHAHAHA!!! The only change will be to take the current rotten system, make it worse, and divert the money to their guys instead of who was there before.

I wouldn't be too bothered by the actions of you selfish naifs, but your idiocy hurt us too. We'll accept your apology over these next 2 years until you get a chance to formally repent.


  1. Wow -- you sure are bitter! You have no idea what a DC suburb is like, or if the guy "RoJo" hired is a an experienced public servant with a lot to offer. Where'd you get this "flunky" shit? Not all of Feingold's Washington staff were from Wisconsin, and his promise was that "most" would be. You don't have a clue if Johnson will do the same and are just mouthing off. You give Democrats a bad name. And Feigold (who, unlike you is a gentleman) said in his concession speech that he and his staff would help Ron Johnson with the transition. Grow up.

  2. Uhh, I have family in the D.C. suburbs and went to a Public Policy school. I know a bit about D.C and it's culture....which is why I'll never live there.

    Bitter? Yup, and your whiny, adolescent rant illustrates why, because you do not deserve adult responsibilities. We lost a lot of what makes Wisconsin special a month ago due to people being duped by WisGOP and WMC-funded deceptions (and the self-centeredness of mediocre greedheads from the 262). Now we're just another dead-end state till we drag ourselves out of it in 2012.

    Take a screen name and a Midol and admit I got a point.