Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yep, wasn't just Madison surrounded by reality on April 5

Taking a look at the alleged vote totals from the Supreme Court race shows a state that's clearly going in two directions. But as a proud Madison graduate and resident, I must take the time to point out yet again that suburban Milwaukee votes every bit as differently from the rest of the state as Madison allegedly is.

Much like the last time I visited this issue, I'm going to combine Washington, Waukesha, and Ozaukee Counties into "Wauzaukington County", since they're all basically the same place, anyway. So you pump in the results so far in the Supreme Court race , and I'll even give Kathy Nickolaus' double-entry of Brookfield ballots the benefit of the doubt. Not surprisingly, Madison has a disproportionate amount of votes, due to the center of the protests being here and because of a County Exec race and a very close Madison Mayor's race. But so do the suburb boys, with a lot fewer local races.

Dane County- 182,201 total votes - 12.17% of all votes
Wauzaukington County - 194,841 total votes - 13.02% of all votes

And when you go further, you find these two areas basically canceled each other out in who they voted for.

Dane County- +84,929 Kloppenburg (73.3%)
Wauzaukington County- +92,929 Prosser (73.8%)

So that 8,000 vote advantage from Prosser more than makes up for the alleged current difference of 7,304. Heck, if you didn't know better, you'd swear they were just matching each other, wouldn't ya? Almost like a GOP county clerk was working to match Dane County's votes any chance she could. :P

"But Jake, what about Milwaukee, which'll skew things for the more liberal candidate?"

Glad you asked, because if you want to count Milwaukee County's unofficial numbers, we might as well also include the other 3 counties in the SEWRPC area (Walworth, Racine and Kenosha), and throw in Sheboygan for good measure, as they're in the Milwaukee media market and well within listening distance for Milwaukee hate radio. You'll "interestingly" note that Milwaukee County's barely more than Madison or Wauzaukington County in vote totals, despite having nearly twice the population, and that you get a similar mirror image.

Milwaukee County - 227,577 votes +29,711 Kloppenburg (56.5%)
Other 4 counties- 135,428 votes +17,296 Prosser (56.4%)

So with these two samples of Madison and the Milwaukee area, we have nearly half of the state's total votes, and a net difference of Kloppenburg +4,415. Conversely, this means in the other half of the state, Prosser allegedly won by a little over 11,700 votes out of over 750,000 (or by 1.55%).

If you win the "real" Wisconsin by less than 2% in a non-partisan election, I would hardly call that any kind of big-time victory or mandate, particularly when your opponent was completely unknown 2 months ago and you've been in elective office for over 30 years, as Prosser has. So if Prosser is lucky enough to survive a statewide recount without more corrupt discrepancies throwing out his votes, I wouldn't exactly call this an example of "Madison vs. the rest of the state." But then again, when you're Scotty Walker-sha, why should we expect you and your 262 area code backers have a clue what the rest of Wisconsin really thinks?

And trust me, that slam on the 370,000+ Kloppenburg voters that are from outside of the Milwaukee area and Dane County will remember when we recall you this time next year, Scotty. And so will the hundreds of thousands of others that may have sat out this election. Amazing how this dimwit forgets that over 4 million Wisconsinites never voted for him....and never will.

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