Thursday, October 6, 2011

Money honeys and Tundra Tarts? Naw, give me real women

I'm glad to see the deserved slamming that Glenn Greenwald and others are giving recently-debuted and soon-to-be canned CNN talking head Erin Burnett. Burnett went to East Coast boarding schools and a $40K tuition Eastern college, and then got her start in the industry at Goldman Sachs and Citicgroup, then went to Wall Street kiss-ass CNBC and currently is literally blowing and fucking a Citigroup executive. So why is she considered some type of objective authority on discussing "Occupy Wall Street." Greenwald destroyed the "Street Sweetie" and illustrated some of her greatest misses, along with a great takedown of CNN's coverage in general.

But Burnett learned her skills as an oligarch-sucking tool well from protege Maria Bartiromo, the "Money Honey" who lives in a $6.5 million townhouse with her husband, the son of an investment bank CEO, and was flying in private jets and getting info off of a Citigroup exec, leading to the guy getting fired in 2007. The 44-year old Bartiromo is also a Burnett-like Wall Street shill, leading to her getting memorably owned by fellow NY cuckolder Anthony Wiener 2 years ago, as Bartiromo clearly didn't understand the concept of Medicare not applying to people in their 40s, and didn't comprehend the cheap and lush health-care benefits that TV and Congressional power brokers like them have vs. the vast majority of us. And the next month, Bartiromo shrugged off Wall Street's gains in a time of massive unemployment as some kind of social good and got used again by Michael Moore in a "Morning Joe" interview that seems like it was done today instead of 2009. Somehow, she's still on CNBC, certainly not because of her collapsing ratings, but apparently because access and kissing the right oligarch's ass matters over credibility there.

Speaking of admitting credibility doesn't matter, Fox News head scumbag Roger Ailes publicly admitted that Sarah Palin is not to be taken seriously.
From the start, Ailes has steadfastly denied any such political bias or agenda on the part of his network. Politics, schmolitics: "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings," he declares.
Sounds like the same reason fellow horny old man John McCain hired her in 2008, come to think of it. Put a ridiculous woman up front to give something for the permanently flaccid dead-enders in their 60s and 70s whose time has long past by giving them a pageant-walking Cupie doll who will say the right things and play the role their first 2 wives wouldn't let them get away with. And those same limp dicks got their withering tickers going on CNBC in the morning with the Bartiromos and Burnetts. And you wonder why I called the vapid, brain-dead Rebecca Kleefisch "Palin" at last year's UW Homecoming Parade? She's a Wisconsin version of the same role for the same type of loser.

Then compare that treatment of women who have the "right" looks and say the "right things" to the putdown current U.S. Senator Scott Brown gave to the brilliant Harvard Professor and future Senator Elizabeth Warren today.
Brown made his comments when asked about Warren's response in a debate Tuesday to a question about how she paid for college. The question referenced the fact that Brown posed nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982 to make money.

"I kept my clothes on," Warren said, adding that she borrowed money to go to a public university and worked a part-time job.

"Have you officially responded to Elizabeth Warren’s comment about how she didn’t take her clothes off?" the host asked Brown Wednesday.

"Thank God!" Brown said, laughing.

The host got a kick out it, too. "That’s what I said! I said, 'Look, can you blame a good-looking guy for wanting to, you know…”
Yeah, who cares what the smart girl who could think circles around both of them has to say, because she's bookish, speaks truth to power and in her 60s? If you can't look at her and have nasty thoughts, what she has to say doesn't matter, eh Scotty?

Sadly, having had the experience of a corporate stepdad in his 60s, this attitude is fairly common among that crowd. They really don't care to have women know more than them, be more successful than them, and certainly can't stand to have the ladies make them look foolish in mixed company. Decent, competent women that want to break the paradigms were and still are a threat to the position they schmoozed up to mediocrity with, and they sure hate to be reminded of it. I'm no Hillary Clinton fan, but there's no question part of the issues the Rush Limbaugh crowd had with her is that she was a clear reminder of the smart girl who wouldn't give those losers the time of day in college, and made them have to earn a position in the 80s and 90s instead of just sliding their way into it. (this resentment explains the whole "Feminazi!" thing of the '90s- "how dare those unattractive bitches tell me they should be listened to!") To these corporate good ol' boys, those were the days when you could harrass that cute stewardess and not have them throw a drink in your face, so the last 40 years have been quite the awakening for them.

And when you see those guys wanting to listen to Sarah Palin over Elizabeth Warren because Palin fits their image of "hot" (which I never got, but "maybe 1890s farmer chick/ 1980s church lady" is some kind of fetish to them), I get a good idea how my Mom passed a lot of those assclowns on the corporate ladder to retire as a VP. Because my mother never had things handed to her, and because she actually cared enough about herself and her work to improve, she went right by a number of these guys who never worked hard at their actual job, and always saw women as second-class citizens.

The jealousy, self-delusions, and outdated attitudes of these pathetic men are the type of people who still support the image-first, content-second women we see polluting far too much of political and business media. It's time to move past the "Money Honeys", "Street Sweeties" and "Tundra Tarts", and give the power to the vast majority of decent women that actually do something other than suck up to rich white men for a living. Many of them are leading the Occupy Movements today, many of them led the protests here in Wisconsin this winter, and they are going to be the ones running the show for all of us. With that in mind, it's time to make like NBC did this week, and take the modern day equivalent of Playboy Club bunnies off of our TV (but you can keep it in the Palms, where we know it's a fantasy and escape- that's a fun vibe).

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