Sunday, December 4, 2011

Walker deceived on June jobs release? NOOOOO!!!!

Well, just color me surprised. Walker and his boys were told by DWD officials that the short-term June jobs spike was all due to tourism jobs outside of metro areas and other short-term, seasonal factors that would go away in the next few months. They ran with it anyway with a big public display, probably because it was 3 weeks until the Senate recall elections.

Hell, I don't even work for DWD and I told you that 4 months ago.

The real story is that it means you need to keep your eyes peeled for similar lies from the Walker folks about Wisconsin jobs "turning a corner" if they get any sort of positive job news in the next few months. Given the U.S.'s steadily improving economy in the last few months, Wisconsin SHOULD see an increase in jobs coming up, if all things stay equal. But you can bet Walker and the paid liars on talk radio will try to ignore the positive U.S. news, and try to take all the credit for any added employment in Wisconsin - even if it's temporary Holiday jobs that will go away in January. Don't fall for it.

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