Friday, July 20, 2012

Sadly, I was right- June jobs report horrendous in Fitzwalkerstan

I mentioned in the previous post that the Walker's Administration's shake-ups at WEDC gave me the feeling that this June's Wisconsin jobs report would be bad, but I had no idea it was this awful. 13,200 seasonally jobs lost overall and 11,700 in the private sector for June. Yes, some of that is due to the fact that job numbers get deflated due an adjustment due to Summer job season (as I explained earlier this month), but that doesn't explain why Wisconsin still lagged behind other Midwestern states such as Minnesota (+7,200), Ohio (+18,400) and even Illinois (+800).

And seasonality certainly doesn't explain why Wisconsin is down 20,000 private sector jobs since Walker's budget was signed 12 months ago. Today's BLS state-by-state report shows Wisconsin has by far the worst job peformance of any state since the Fitzwalkerstan budget came into law, with nearly 15,000 more jobs lost than the 2nd worst state (Rhode Island). The Walker jobs deficit exploded last month, and now has reached more than 75,000 jobs, with more than 60,000 private sector jobs in that gap happening in the last 12 months.

Wisconsin total employment vs. U.S.

Wisconsin private sector employment vs. U.S.

Scott Wittkopf at Badger Democracy has a lot more on this, including the return of 7.0% unemployment in Wisconsin, and the incredibly lame excuses Reggie Newson and the rest of the Walker Administration have for this unacceptably bad performance. I'll point you that way, as I'm heading up North for a few days away from 90 degree heat and to see family.

But I think this June jobs report proves one thing- it sure as hell wasn't "uncertainty surrounding the recall election" that kept companies from hiring. Unless you believe that Walker retaining his job caused companies to bail on Wisconsin and look elsewhere because they know things will remain screwed up in Fitzwalkerstan. Strangely I don't hear the Walker folks going with that spin, but why might that not be true? It sure seems closer to reality than the crap excuses he and his boys have been peddling the last year.

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