Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Logisticare fail rolls on

   Haven't had a lot of time to write this week (and won't), but apparently I won't be able to call it the "Logisticare" fail much longer, as it'll now be MTM running the state's Non-Emergency Medical Transportation under the Medicaid program.

  Cognitive Dissidence has a good rundown on the Logisticare/ NEMT mess, and I encourage you to read it.

   I'll also add that the new contract with MTM will cost an additional $15 million a year and $30 million for the biennium vs. what was projected with Logisticare.  The Journal-Sentinel article on the NEMT contract  notes that 60% of this will be offset by the feds (apparently when it comes to handing out contracts to private businesess, this administration doesn't mind getting federal help If it's expanding health care coverage through Obamacare, well, THEN it's too uncertain and we can't do it), but 40% won't be, and neither of these figures were included in the state budget. So there's another $12 million in general funds we have to come up with, and we don't even know if MTM will be able to do the job well.

  Oh, and it sure doesn't seem like we'll be getting that $12 million through added growth. March's revenue numbers reflected the bad weather with below-average numbers,  including a DROP in sales taxes of 1.8% vs. March 2012. Good times.


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