Sunday, January 11, 2015

A wild Sunday in these parts

That was a wild range of emotions to watch that Packer game, but it was still amazing to see the Pack pull it out over South America's team (with officiating karma coming back to bite the Boys, which kind of makes it even cooler). And then as a former Indianapolis resident, I saw the Colts defense dominate Peyton Manning to upset the Broncos. Seemed like a great Sunday from a sports element.

And then Bucky can't stop Rutgers (NEW JERSEY U? REALLY?) and gets massively upset. That'll blunt the buzz of the day (well, that and time after having a couple of Brother Theloniouses and other top-notch beers consumed out of nerves).

So now it's time to watch some of the Golden Globes, which frankly is more legit and fun to watch than the Oscars, and I just saw one my favorite scenes get referenced with "Fargo"'s big win for mini-series. Given the temps of the last week and the greedhead direction of this state, this scene seems even more timely than it usually is, especially when you hear certain people accept the corruption and our exploding budget deficits because they got a few dollars shaved off their property taxes for this year.

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