Monday, March 21, 2016

The good stuff from UW-Madison this March

So I wasn't expecting all that much from my alma mater's hoops game last night. And with about 7 minutes to go and down 9 points, it was going about as I expected. But then Bucky mounted a rally, and it culminated with THIS, with video courtesy of the father of Syracuse's Christian White (you'll see the Dad turn the camera around with an awesome "HOLY CRAP!" reaction near the end of this, it may be my favorite part of the video).

Yeah, we'll be seeing that one in March for years to come, and now that Bucky's playing with house money, why not go further in Philly this weekend, and continue to shock the world.

Here's how it sounded on the radio, from the great Badger announcer Matt LePay (I'm not being a homer here, I seriously don't know anyone who calls hoops better in a combination of detail, info, emotion), who tells you Koenig "GOT IT! GOT IT!"

I also love how LePay professionally waits for the review to make sure. It only took one replay to be confirmed, but I was already mobbing my wife.

Bizarrely, the 3 biggest non-Uecker names in Wisconsin sports play-by-play were doing the Badger-Xavier game yesterday, as Brewers TV announcer Brian Anderson did the game on TV, and Packer announcer Wayne Larrivee did the game for Westwood One national radio. Wayne doesn't drop a DAGGER reference, like he did with Sam Dekker's clinching 3 last year vs Arizona, but his call isn't bad, as Koenig "RINGS IT UP!".

I could also watch this video all day. Here's the official content from UW Athletics, including a killer cheesy joke from Coach Gard at :40. How Sweet it is!

After last night and this crazy 1st weekend of the tourney, it sure made the concept of work pretty bleh today. But I think I can get by till the next games start on Thursday, if I'm not snowed under first.

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