Sunday, June 12, 2016

A few words on the slaughter in Orlando

Like any one elke with an ounce of decency, I'm disgusted and angry over the hate-crime killing of 50 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando. But the reactions of people to a tragedy like this definitely makes for an interesting Rorschach test doesn't it?

1. If your immediate anger or sadness to this killing is because of "ISIS/Islam", and not the fact that someone was able to go into a gay nightclub with an assault weapons and kill scores of innocents, please get professional help. Or admit that religion fundamentalism of all stripes very often leads to bad things.

2. The shooter was a natural-born American citizen and was legally able to obtain and carry these weapons. Oh, and his ex-wife says he repeatedly beat her. If you see don't see a problem with guys like this being allowed to continue to obtain those weapons of mass destruction, with no questions asked, then you have no interest in solving the public health issue of mass murders using firearms.

3. I can't help but flash back to Jon Stewart's segment from 2 years ago in the wake of the killings in Santa Barbara. If nothing's going to be done in this country to deal with all the killings by firearms, in the name of "American exceptionalism," then clap your hands and get "Happy", everyone!

Fuck the NRA, and fuck the gun nuts who keep NRA lackeys in Congress and state legislatures in the name of "freedom." The 100 people shot in that Orlando club were practicing freedom last night, and one bastard with a gun shut that all down. I'm sick of having to accept things like this.


  1. This nutty Muzzie wasn't an NRA Member. Any other parts of the Constitution you want annulled?

    1. You think having nutjobs with violent histories being allowed to have 200-round automatics is what the Framers had in mind in 1787? And yes, the NRA and the legislators they bought allowed that guy to get a gun just last week. OWN THAT FACT

      Your shriveldicked self can cling to your view of the Constitution, as long as you accept these horrible crimes will continue to happen as a result. Me? I just want the senseless killing to stop, and I recognize that certain people and certain types of guns make those senseless killings more likely.

  2. The republicans in the senate rejected a bill 6 months ago that could have prevented this man from getting the gun.