Sunday, August 28, 2016

Charlie Sykes' disgusting duplicity

I was up in the Northwest when this absurd piece of spin came out from Politico Magazine last weekend. It's Charlie Sykes trying to show that right-wing world and Trumpism aren't the same thing, and a stenographer named Erick Trickey dutifully writes down Chuckles' tripe in a long article. Among the many crocodile tears shed by Chuckie includes the following.
“Were these people that we actually thought were our allies?” he asks.

Sykes remains confident that Trump will lose badly in November, and he is equally fearful that Trump will drag longtime Republicans, like Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, down with him. This has Sykes thinking about the long-term future of the party and what might have precipitated its looming collapse. He wonders: Did “the faux outrage machine” of and other right-wing outlets foment the noxious opinions that Trump has stoked so effectively on the trail?

“When I would deny that there was a significant racist component in some of the politics on our side, it was because the people I hung out with were certainly not,” Sykes says. “When suddenly, this rock is turned over, there is this—‘Oh shit, did I not see that?’
Not see that? Hey Chuckie, YOU BUILT THAT! 3 1/2 hours day, 5 days a week on "Wisconsin's radio station", where the Brewers and Packers gave you more listeners than your loafer-wearing, Mequon ass ever deserved.

Seriously, fuck this guy

Marquette grad Charlie Pierce came back from vacation last week, and rightfully called out Sykes for what he was trying to pull over.
Just asking that question marks Sykes as either a charlatan or a fool, and my money's on the former. Sykes knew damn well who his "allies" were when he was calling the First Lady "Mooch," or when he was calling a black man who'd died in police custody "a piece of garbage," and when he referred to "the pigs of mothers who are too lazy to put their children in a crib and roll over the top of them while sleeping on a futon on the floor."

Sykes knew who his "allies" were when, as Milwaukee's Shepherd Express reported, he aired a blackface rap parody.
It features a young, black woman calling herself Chapter Jackson, who acts out every racist stereotype of poor, black, single mothers that bigoted audiences find hilarious. Ms. Jackson is knee-deep in black babies in a house full of women slutted up like prostitutes while she writhes and raps that her life is a constant party paid for by taxpayers. She repeats the obscene refrain: "All you have to do is f— and nine months later you get in the big bucks."
Yeah, he's known all along who his "allies" are. Once again, Trump is merely the modern Republican party without its interior monologue.
On a related note, No More Mister Nice Blog reminds us that Sykes sent many a Tweet last year beating up on "illegals" and Islam. And then Sykes has the nerve in the article to act offended and shocked when a dumbass caller calls Muslims "these people" and expresses fear about Islamic people being radicalized.

And let's go back to 2015's Super Bowl for more Sykes "civility". After Russell Wilson threw the game-losing INT to the Patriots. Blogging Blue reminds us that Sykes thought it was cute to joke about Beast Mode wanting to "Lynch" his coach for not giving him the ball on that play. Because the running back's name was Marshawn Lynch. HILARIOUS!

The self-serving nature of Sykes' new "Trump isn't who conservatives are" act is vomit-inducing to anyone who has followed Chuckles' act. He knows exactly what he was saying in those statements, and why he was saying them - to gin up racial resentment by mediocre white guys to get them to back WisGOP for cultural reasons, allowing the WisGOPs to get in power and slip through a WMC/Bradley Foundation's economic agenda that a majority of Wisconsinites do not support. And Sykes has worked in tandem with Scott Walker and other Wisconsin righties on and off the air to play this duplicitous game.

Sykes is also looking big-picture, and I believe him when he says he thinks Drumpf is likely to lose in 2016, and lose badly. So the game Sykes is playing, likely on behalf of his ALEC/Bradley bosses, is to pave the way to say that the GOP "really isn't like Trump", try to stay afloat downticket at the state and Congressional levels in 2016 through suckering enough people to buy that crap excuse. And then once November 8, 2016 passes, he and his type will try to pretend Trumpism never existed (and that the GOP actively encouraged that mindset) for future elections, just like how they sent the disastrous Bush years down the memory hole once Obama took the Oath of Office.

Then the "we aren't Trump" excuse can be used for the 2020 presidential campaign to encourage people to look for a "kinder, gentler" face for the GOP that isn't as vile as Drumpf. Someone like Paul Ryan or Scott Walker, who believe the same vile, regressive BS that Drumpf does, and are more than willing to stir up stupid white guys in racial resentment in order to get their votes. But those candidates can stick to the code words in public ("dependency", etc.) and pass off the white supremacy and nastiness inherent in their beliefs to Faux News and the AM talk show hosts. It also allows Char-LIE Sykes to get air time on MSNBC and other "non-rightie" sources as an "independent, anti-Trump voice" that can improve his brand to the unsuspecting viewers to think that he is something beyond the race-baiting liar we know him to be in Wisconsin.

Be aware of this, and alert others about this disgusting game Sykes and the country-club right are trying to play. And cut that dishonest sack off before the "new, independent Sykes" gains momentum.

H/T to Jeff Simpson at Cognitive Dissidence for reminding me to bring up Sykes' bullshit.


  1. Excellent post! Right on the money!

  2. Make no mistake about these comments by Sykes. This is the beginning of him rebranding himself. He sees the rapid decent of right wing commentators like Rush Limbaugh and is reading the tea leaves. I feel he is making the calculation his audience is shrinking and he needs to become "moderate" or "center right" to possibly maintain or expand his listeners. Seriously, how could such a well informed talk show host not know about his listener's racist rhetoric?

  3. Oh my god, I know the guy is hateful, but is did this really happen? Is there actual audio of it? (Holy smokes, these people are lizards.):

    "Sykes knew who his "allies" were when, as Milwaukee's Shepherd Express reported, he aired a blackface rap parody."

  4. The RNC is freaking out from fear that their downticket candidates will be associated with Trump and would be taken down with him. Yet the GOP really has created what Trump says, although now is ashamed to be recognized for it.

    Sykes's BS cannot save their sinking ship--he is Party mainstream all the way, pure Reagan (Lee Atwater admits to their racist agenda, though using coded language at The Bradley/ALEC "state's rights" agenda was laid out plainly when Reagan chose to speak at Philadelphia, Mississippi (

    Here in the 6th CD Glenn Grothmann has been silent, quite unlike his usual blunt Trump-like self. 6th CD chair Dan Feyen (who presided over their meeting in spring 2014 that wanted WisGOP to declare state secession rights) is taking on stable Dem Mark Harris.