Friday, May 18, 2018

The Dark Lord (and massive prison OT) cometh

Hanging with friends and attending my first Dark Lord Day at 3 Floyds Brewery in Indiana. AssuMing I survive it, I'll have more to say later this weekend.

I do have one comment- No surprise that Walker/WISGOP idiocy is now biting taxpayers in the ass to the tune of $42 million in OT at the state's prisons and hundreds of vacant positions. You mean when you take away people's bargaining rights and continue to underpay guards while having 20th Century "lock em up" policies, you have understaffing issues? SHOCKER!

Add it to the pile of reasons the Age of Fitzwalkerstan must end, I guess. Have fun wherever you are at (all 5 of you!)


  1. Excellent. Worth highlighting is lock-em-up, an end in itself for Scott Walker and Republicans, is another way of saying, 'destroy lives.'

    The most grave concern facing the population is the local police — heavily Republican, anti-intellectual and malicious.

    Whichever candidate lays out the most detailed and coherent plan to stop destroying lives gets my votes.

    The police-prosecutor-court-prison-parole system is staffed from top to bottom with deplorables, active perps.

    Talk to local minority families, and civil liberties attys and get a full briefing on what is committed each and every day in our name.

  2. You underestimate how many people read your great blog.

    1. Thanks for the kindness! The "5 readers" is a running joke I've generally had for a few years, but I definitely read the pageview reports and know there is more than that. And I'm still stunned and thankful for it.

      By the way- Dark Lord Fest is a crazy event. Twice the size of Great Taste of the Midwest, many fewer brewers, and more ability to bring in your own beer to share. The crowd was like a hard-rock night at Summerfest with a lot more people in from other parts of the country. It was worth doing...once.