Monday, November 6, 2023

Wild day for the Brewers. And not a good one for their future

I'm catching up from a week off of work, getting ready for other work, and then I see a couple of notifications from MLB float across my phone.

Both of these were places Brewers manager Craig Counsell had interviewed at, with permission from the team. So I figured "Hey, maybe Craig is coming back here for 2024 and beyond". Which would be great, as the Brewers have more playoff appearances in the last 6 years under Counsell than they had in the 48 years before then. And a Brewers beat writer said the team had put in a huge offer to keep Counsell.

I was letting my hopes keep me from seeing that post as the "we tried" PR move from the team that it was. Within 5 minutes, I saw this.

I wasn't buying it, but I rifled through my mind which teams that might be. I figured it would be one with more resources than the Brewers, and one that could win sooner than later. But this one wasn't on my list.

I get taking the job that offers you more money and more resources to build your team. But when you've grown up in Wisconsin (like Craig Counsell did), and been a part of the Brewers organization for the last 15 years of your career, how can you pick up one day and go to the team's largest in-division rival? It's an absolute slap in the face to Brewers fans, and those Brewers-Cubs games at AmFam Field are going to be an ugly atmosphere.

And losing the best manager the team ever had sure makes the Brewers look silly as they ask for hundreds of millions of dollars to fix up their ballpark as a way of staying "competitive". But they're definitely still trying.

I don't see a Committee vote or hearing on the Brewers bill this week, and after losing their manager and having one of their best pitchers undergo serious shoulder surgery, it's hard to be enthusiastic about anything Crew-related right now.

So maybe it's a good time to have the talks go on behind the scenes for a few weeks, and maybe the anger from today's events will have faded enough that discussing this taxpayer-funded assistance for Milwaukee's baseball team won't seem inappropriate. Because right now it's about the worst time for the team to be asking for help, given that their prospects of success seem much smaller than it did a month ago.

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