Monday, June 28, 2010

Tailgating with libertarians

It's been a busy time in the Funhouse, between trips to Milwaukee for Saturday's festivities and witnessing a YoGo masterpiece at Miller Park on Thursday. But fortunately, I didn't come upon Libertarian Party registrants when I was in the Yount Lot, like Mitchell Bard did this weekend. Fortunately, Mitch stymied this guy with reality, which tends to stymie the average Libertarian when it comes to economics.

These Libertarians like to wear a lot of three-pointed hats and talk about the Founders, but conveniently forget the most relevant of the Fedealist Papers, #51, especially the part where Madison says "if men were angels, no government would be necessary." Men are far from angels, especially when they have huge amounts of money and monopolistic control over resources, and that part means libertarians fall far short of any type realistic solutions to economic problems in the 21st Century. But since they do want to legalize it, allow beer on Sunday in all places (you hear me, Indiana?), and remove fundies from the political sphere, they still can give a worthwhile contribution.

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