Monday, October 11, 2010

Brent and the banged-up Pack

Not a good weekend for the Pack. Too many injuries, not enough execution in key moments, and a very mediocre head coach makes me start to think that this year isn't going to go as well as we thought. I just hope those Finley and Matthews injuries aren't more than a few weeks (and I thought Finley might be done for the year- now doesn't appear to be the case), because if they are, their playoff chances are toast with the schedule getting tough in November. And they still won't do much if McCarthy refuses to run the ball more than 10 times a game.

However, I also want to discuss tonight's Viking-Jet game. Fascinating game with the Moss return to the Vikes and Favre return vs. the Jets, in addition to the fact that the Jets have played as well as anyone the last 4 weeks, and the Vikes are staring at 1-3 with a loss (with a game against an equally desperate 1-3 Cowboy team next week). But that's not why I want to discuss it. I want to discus Brett Favre's sexting to Jenn Sterger.

1. It's borderline hilarious to me because I can make "check out my Wrangler jeans" references throughout the game. And it's not like it's surprising that Brent is a self-centered douche- the only creepy part is Sterger's comparsion to a young Deanna Favre.

2. We know why ESPN can't stay away from this story, because ESPN can't help but ignore a story that involves a. Brett Favre b. Something in NYC, and c. (most importantly) A GAME ON ESPN. Put them all together, and there's more self-pleasing than Brent's pulling in this (alleged) video.

Should be good times to check this game out tonight. Probably more fun than what OSU might do to Bucky on Saturday, or what might be left of the Packers after this week's game.

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