Sunday, October 17, 2010

UW 31, OSU 18!

Now that was a helluva lot of fun to be a part of! Best crowd I've been a part of at Camp Randall since at least the Dayne Game in 1999, and that was more of an "we're going to see Dayne break the record" feeling than being there solely to cheer on Bucky. The place was intense from the first play to the last, and the scratchiness that is my voice today is a reminder of that.

Now, as Winston Wolfe might say "let's not start sucking on each other's popsicles quite yet," especially with another huge game against Top 10 Iowa next week. But I'm going to savor this one for now, and always remember it, as I'm sure fellow Badger grads Russ Feingold and Tom Barrett did as well.

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