Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brewing up greatness over the red team

God, beating up on that team in red is fun. They whine and bitch about every little slight and bear no resemblance to the classy Midwestern group they used to be in my grandparents' generation. They're such self-absorbed jags who think everything should revolve around them and their feelings about things, and are more than willing to dish out judgment, but God forbid they pay the price for their arrogance. They really have a problem with all those Wisconsin folks who won't put up with their crap and instead keeps coming at the arrogant Red Team, despite all the obstacles and head games the Red Team tries to come up. I mean, if you listened to these clowns, we should just bow and step to the side when these guys come strolling down the street, because we're mere second-class citizens to royalty like them.

That's right, I'm referring to the Brewers' 10-5 whacking of the Cards today to take 2 out of 3 over those arrogant pricks, and go 3-and-a-half in front. La Russa's act is so beyond tired, particularly the excuses he had for not winning in Miller Park (Lighting issues? Sign stealing? Even Charles Sykes thinks that's a weak misdirection play), and the lame justifications he gave for throwing at Braun yesterday were so low-class. Hey Tony, I know you're thought of as a genius, you never hesitate to remind us, but you've also had a helluva lot of talent to have only 2 World Series title in over 30 years of managing, don't you think?

Oh, you thought I was referring to the WisGOPs, with their constant whining, projection, and excuses for why they're flailing away? And their (unearned) authority complex and their lame "their guy does it too" act? Well, now that you bring it up...And the good guys are going to win in Wisconsin next week the same way the Brewers did today- not get caught up in the Red team's bullshit, and just get down to business and do what they do. Time for both the Crew and the real Wisconsinites to put it into overdrive with the big events starting Aug. 9.

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