Friday, August 26, 2011

So who do you trust on the Court?

Just read what was actually said to the cops about David Prosser's "contact" with Ann Walsh Bradley at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and figure it out.

Gableman WARNING" This testimony will make no sense compared to others.

From reading it, I think it's pretty clear that:

1. The WMC judges (Prosser, Gableman, Ziegler, and Roggensack) all headed to Bradley's office to ask (read: bully) Abrahamson and Bradley to release their dissent in the collective bargaining case. Why were they so concerned? As Illy-T points out, it was because Prosser and company admitted they wanted to take the issue out of the Legislature's hands. Guess that's what he meant about "being a complement to the Walker Administration," wasn't it? No problem, except for that whole Separation of Powers thing that makes up our First 3 articles of the Constitution.

2. Bradley got bothered by these people showing up, told them basically "Get the hell out of my office," and approached Prosser moitioning for him to leave.

3. Prosser made some kind of contact with the neck of Bradley, which freaked her out enough that she admitted it made it very hard to work the rest of the day (I'm sure you'd handle being neck-grabbed by a co-worker in stride, right?), and the incident required an intervention from Capitol Police Chief Tubbs where Abrahamson and Bradley both said Prosser needed help, with little response from the others than Gableman, who already seems to live in an alternate reality based on his statements.

4. The Prosser comment to Abrahamson about her being a "total bitch" and that he was "going to destroy her" absolutely happened in February 2010. As usual, the left-wing media was correct when it hit on this story this March, and the "both sides" MSM downplayed a serious incident, to Prosser's benefit.

And last and scariest, check out what the guy who wasn't there says


Justice Crooks said he has noted Justice Prosser "loses his cool repeatedly"...[would] get red and pound on tables with his fists, and get louder and louder in tone during meetings, conferences, and even sometimes in public meetings. Justice Crooks says there are times that nothing happens that triggers Justice Prosser losing his cool. Justice Crooks estimated Justice Prosser "explodes and storms out of a room" approximately three to four times a year...

Justice Crooks said he would be fine if the result of this investigation resulted in Justice Prosser receiving counseling or treatment for his behavior. Justice Crooks believes Justice Prosser needs more than just anger management counseling.
Now, Sauk County Republican Pat Barrett may have decided that both sides were so different, that she did her best MSM impression, and threw up her hands saying "I don't know who's telling the truth, so I can't do anything about it." And if you're weak, you would do something like that, because it doesn't require you to apply any type of judgment.

However, unlike the corporate media, all 10 of you reading this HAVE THE POWER OF JUDGMENT. So I ask you, who do you trust? The WMC judges (because they wouldn't lie during a campaign or be fined for violating conflicts of interest, right)? Or Bradley, Abrahamson, and Crooks?


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