Thursday, February 23, 2012

Union thug gets over due to collective bargaining

AWWWW, HELLS YEAH! Guess my Opening Day tickets just got a bit more awesome, eh?

Now do you see why we need collective bargaining? Because it protects people from getting screwed when they might not have done anything wrong, and allows them to continue to do their job without fear of arbitrary reprisals. And if you read Tom Haudricourt's great article in the J-S, part of the reason he may have gotten over is that his first test was so much of an outlier that it had to be BS.

Now, I'm at the point that if any player gets hit up for PEDs, I'm not surprised, just because it's so pervasive to do anything to get an edge. But it never seemed to add up that Braun would blow such a good situation by testing positive for PEDs, and apparently, he didn't (or didn't do enough to get suspended, which is a very high standard of innocence for MLB).

Heck, 43 days to go. Let's PLAY BALL. And given that there's no Pujols, no La Russsa, and no Duncan in St. L, Cubs rebuilding, Reds still questionable, Pirates still young and Houston still awful, why can't the Brewers still win this division. Sure, losing Prince will hurt, but if Gamel is even adequate and Ramirez can give 25-30HRs and 100 RBI (possible), there's no reasomn the dropoff should be great. LET'S DO IT.

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