Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your Walkergate/ Recall links for the day

Can't find time to do all the minutae on the many developments over the last few days in Fitzwalkerstan, so I'll direct you to some quality work by others.

First off, let's go to John Peterson with a great rundown of Baggers being laughed out of the building by the GAB when it comes to recall signatures. And those "illegal" recall signatures and duplicates? Often done by Walker-supporting trash, like this ass-clown Demet in Racine County. By the way, why are the only people left in GOP-supporting groups immoral politicos, clueless middle-aged white men, or 20-something kids mooching off of the Bradley/Koch machine? Just curious.

Now, here's the Root River Siren following up on the amazing report where GOP legislators were told to "ignore public comments" and were sworn to secrecy by Michael Best and Friedrich regarding redistricting plans (despite MBF andTroupis Law getting $400K in taxpayer money....God forbid we have a right to know what they're doing it for).

Even better in that story is where Jeff Fitzgerald aide Adam Foltz tells court officials in a deposition that the new maps have nothing to do with increasing GOP majorities in the legislature...and then memos show that the new maps are intended to do exactly that. And who writes the memos in question? Adam Foltz! BRILLIANT! Wonder how much that perjury will get ol' Adam in the slam?

Speaking of going to the slam, check out Cognitive Dissidence, where Capper asks Hey Scotty, what's in that dumpster filled with papers? I bet Darlene Wink knows what's in that dumpster...and she'll let the DA know if she doesn't want to join what looks to be an increasing number of slimeballs from this Administration in the joint.

The fun just never stops...

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