Friday, March 9, 2012

Scott Walker = Tom Crean, pt. Deux

Bucky 79, IU 71, bringing Bo Ryan's record vs. Tom Crean to 14-2. And no, you cannot hope to stop Rob Wilson when he's feeling it, though hge might be slowed down if Tan Tommy even made an adjustment to guard him. :P

And just as I said last year Bo Ryan owns Tom Crean like reality and Madtown own Scott Walker. The only thing that's changed here is point 7, given that Crean's job is safe (because of one lucky year), and given that Scotty just announced a legal defense fund during a Friday afternoon news dump, he's in a lot more danger of losing his job than he was a year ago.

Get your ass to the Capitol tomorrow, and announce your presence with authority! See you there (at least until I see Bucky take it to MSU later that afternoon).


  1. Game is BEFORE the rally, conveniently!

  2. Actually, it was kinda concurrent with the rally, because I watched the first half from a bar, went out to the event for a while, watched some 2nd half at Capital Tap Haus, and then once it became obvious Bucky was done, headed out for the main event.

    Bucky is what they are this year- when they execute on offense, MOVE AND DRIVE, they're a really good team. If not, and they don't make shots, they can be 1 and done. I say 4 seed when the brackets come out today.

    Great turnout on the Square, and feels a lot less desperate and a lot more confident. We just gotta be strong for 93 more days, and we'll ride these bastards out of the People's House. And they know it, too.