Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well that's a way to keep unemployment low

Guess we know where that allegedly low unemployment rate comes from in Wisconsin. Just cut people off of unemployment through an arbitrary policy put in place at the DWD.

I was wondering why Wisconsin's unemployment claims went down after having a spike in early April (reflected in April's brutal job numbers for the state).

Wisconsin new unemployment claims March-May 2012
3/3- 11,997
3/10- 12,074
3/17- 11,121
3/24- 10,954
3/31- 9,863
4/7- 12,022
4/14- 12,983
4/21- 11,142
4/28- 10,398
5/5- 9,993

But the new policy of delaying unemployment can't be working too well though, because Wisconsin's 9,993 new unemployment claims for the week of May 5 is still more than twice that of Minnesota, nearly 4,000 more than Indiana, and more than Ohio, who has nearly twice as many jobs as Wisconsin.

And it didn't stop Wisconsin from being 4th in the nation for number of mass layoffs the last 3 months of 2011. This is especially henious given that Wisconsin is 20th in U.S. population, so there are 16 states that had more people and fewer mass layoffs at the end of 2011.

But hey, if I was the Walker Administration, I might be trying anything to cosemtically help my bad stats as well, including cutting people off of unemployment for sketchy reasons.

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