Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tammy's groovin' values!

Tommy Thomspon's political director released the following video on the day that Tammy Baldwin was addresing the DNC, claiming that her dancing at a Madison Gay Pride event doesn't display "Heartland Values." Well here's the video, with Tammy in the blue shirt on the right, and I think it's great!

First of all, the guy who released the video and Tweets was Brian Nemoir, the same guy who ran Supreme Court Justice David Prosser's campaign in 2011, and famously claimed Prosser "would complement" Scott Walker and WisGOP's agenda. So given that this is a guy said judges shouldn't value fairness and the rule of law, and instead value the goals of the Wisconsin GOP, I really don't think he's one to talk about "Heartland values."

Second, I think the video helps Tammy, and not just because it makes the GOP look like homophobic d-bags. It makes her look a lot more interesting and fun than she often comes off in her regular work, and especially softens up the lying image WisGOP talk radio would give of her (does that look like a dangerous rabid Madison librul to you?)

Now let's compare that to Tommy Thompson's "Heartland values." I won't even bring up certain rumors about his marriage, but instead will remind you of how he represents our state in public. Remember how Tommy welcomed the Packers back from their Super Bowl loss in 1998?

Sorry, Brian Nemoir, but it is Tommy Thompson who embarrasses Wisconsin with his actions, not Tammy Baldwin. And Tammy Baldwin is the level-headed, decent person that better exemplifies Wisconsin values.

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