Friday, February 22, 2013

See ya, Denny

A week after Gov. Walker releases a Medicaid plan that has cost Wisconsinites more tax dollars to cover fewer people, DHS Secretary, gutless liar, and mistress-hirer Dennis Smith has abruptly resigned to "pursue an exciting opportunity in the private sector" (which we now know is a position at a DC lobbying firm). Hmmmm, guess this guy figures he's FUBARed Wisconsin's previous-strong health system enough, and now needs to grab some wingnut welfare. That, or Scotty just threw a guy under the bus for his failures in the health care issue. Guess Scotty has to do something as his administration reveals job numbers that are even worse than the "42nd in the nation" jobs report.

In honor of Mr. Smith (in name only) and his 25 months on the job. I recommend a little Radiohead on this. This is what you'll get, when you mess with us.

Hope you and your mistress have a good time in DC as you make big bucks lying for a living. D-bag.


  1. For reference, the 42nd in the nation 2011Q2-2012Q2 private sector job growth via QCEW was 35,381 (+1.5%) compared to the 2011Q3-2012Q3 growth of 20,481 (+0.9%).

    That growth rate would put us at 48th in the nation if other states maintain their rates of 2011Q2-2012Q2 - _just_ ahead of Mississippi.

    Did you notice the Budget-in-Brief's Wisconsin Economic Outlook and how the 'actual' Total Nonfarm Employment (which is normally the average of the 12 CES values over the year) has been replaced in 2012 and only 2012 with... well, something else? (Should be 2728.5)

  2. Geoff- I'll get into that brutal jobs report in another post. I'm on the road this weekend, and can't do much, but it is interesting to note that the State Journal now reports Smith is returning to DC to be a lobbyist on health policy. Classic revolving door case for someone who never cared about Wisconsin.

  3. I think I have found where the Budget-in-Brief's "actual" 2012 nonfarm employment value on page 81 of comes from.

    It's the 2012 *forecast* from the Fall 2012 Wisconsin Economic Outlook