Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sure feels like March

  No econ or politics for this post. Not when I'm still coming down from THIS

  I was just planning to creep downtown around non, have a bloody, and check out the end of what I figured would be a big game. Then that shot happened, Brust's OT winner happened, and Saturday got a lot more festive in downtown Madison. One woman came from the game, walked into the bar I was at, saw a friend that was also at the game, and immediately started jumping up and down with her mouth wide open, saying nothing. Apparently the guys on the team felt the same way.

   The crazy part is, it seems like we get one of these kinds of games almost every day. Badgers go double OT with Iowa, Illinois beats Indiana at the buzzer, Notre Dame and Louisville play 5 OTs last night. And we're still 5 weeks from the Big Dance even starting. Watching this sure beats ruminating about the snow, ice and other ugly crap that keeps falling from the skies here.

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