Sunday, March 8, 2015

Remembering Jon Stewart's great CNBC rip job

Last week marked the 6-year anniversary of one of the best Daily Show segments ever. It is still an epic smackdown that reverberates to this day, and also note the DOW was around 7,000 at when Koch front man Rick Santelli ranted against helping homeowners (DOW's close on Friday? 17,856. Damn socialist Obama).

Stewart's "FUCK YOU" to Carl Quintanilla and Allen "110 years in prison for fraud" Stanford summed up what most Americans were feeling at the time, as more than 700,000 jobs had been cut in the previous month, 5 million jobs had been lost in the previous 12 months, and nearly another 3 million were going to be lost in the next 6 months.

Stewart's killer segment feels like it came from an entirely different era, especially since we have 8 million more jobs today than we had in those dark times of March 2009, and the market has made back all of its losses and then some, but it needs to be remembered. Especially since most of those guilty of wrecking the economy never paid a punishment close to worthy of the damage that they caused, and most of the alleged "business journalists" that failed in their duty to inform the public have been kept on the job, misinforming viewers to this day.

Watching that video also leaves me quite melancholy, as I wonder if this country ever learns from its disasters these days, or if it just runs and hides to the paid lairs and puppet politicians to deflect from the awful reality that needs to be confronted. And I also wonder who will take Jon's place next year to line up the facts and speak truth to the huge corporate-friendly powers that control far too much of our "regular" media.

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