Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hellooooo Chitown!

Taking a slight break to take in a spectacular weekend in Chicago. You may have heard a few things were going on in this town this weekend.

More to speak of later, but back to the 75-degree sunshine and one of the largest sports days in a while.


  1. enjoy your weekend!
    saw the March revenue numbers came out, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on that. maybe a follow up to this is in order:

    my quick back-of-the-enveloping is that we need to come in with ~13% revenue growth April-June to hit that pie-in-the-sky $14.725B revenue number. good luck with that.

    1. Thanks! I took a look at those numbers, and it'll be close, because there should be a gain of $165 mil due to two items related to the withholding changes in April 2014- lower tax refunds in 2015, and no change vs April 2014 in the amount withheld.

      I may go into this more later, but a rough estimate is that we are $50 mil below the Jan revenue numbers with 3 months to go. Can be made up, but don't expect too much extra in the next 2 years to fill the budget holes