Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wisconsin public schools screwed even worse than we thought

I just read this, and I am stunned and sickened, maybe more than I was when I first read the "budget repair bill" that became Act 10.
Co-chair Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, and Rep. Dale Kooyenga, R-Brookfield, proposed the Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program for the Milwaukee district. Under the plan, failing schools would be put under the control of a commissioner who would be appointed by the county exec.

Up to three Milwaukee schools could be put into the program in 2015-16 and 2016-17 with up to five eligible in 2017-18 and each year after.

The motion would also create a parallel provision under which a similar program could be created districts that meet certain requirements, including a membership of more than 15,000 students. That would impact Madison and Racine, though they have not met other requirements to be put under the recovery program. Some of the other benchmarks include receiving the lowest rating on the most recent accountability report in any two consecutive years.
WHAT.THE.FUCK. How much money is Scott Jensen, the Waltons and the De Voses promising these scumbags?

Wispolitics.com has the whole motion (and there's 30 pages of it). Legislating by surprise in the middle of the night, with no public hearing on this bill, and on policies the GOP never ran on this November.

If it wasn't such a dirty word, I'd say recalls have to be in order. That's the only recourse we seem to have left (well, that's legal anyway).

NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN. And never allow any non-racist person under 50 with an IQ over 80 to sit out another election.

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