Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stone-cold theft in Madison- non-WEDC version

Yeah, this happened yesterday to my alma mater.

What a complete robbery. Yes, I understand that Bucky can't be turning the ball over 5 times and expect to win. BUT THEY STILL HAD IT TAKEN FROM THEM. To overturn a game-winning TD based on that video.... it sure makes you wonder if the video replay guy had Northwestern on the money line. There's no other explanation I can come up with, and the inevitable apology from the Big Ten offices will not help me feel better.

Being a liberal sports fan in this state has meant one kick to the groin after another for the last 12+ months. You get this close to a bigtime moment, and then it gets pulled away fro you (even the great UW hoops run to the title game ended up with that 2nd half jam job by the refs vs Duke). And yesterday just added to the list.

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