Monday, October 31, 2016

WisGOP Senate poised to be crazier than ever..unless voters stop them

One of the helpless feelings I occasionally get form living in Madison is the fact that there isn’t all that much I can do to change the gerrymandered State Legislature. Sure, I can contribute to some outstate candidates, but I can’t vote out any of the WisGOP fuckheads that have helped to wreck the state over the last 5 ½ years- all of my state Legislators are liberal Democrats. So these lowlife and low-IQ GOPs continue to stay in office in their suburban/rural Bubble Worlds, and they may get even worse (if possible) after the November elections.

Steven Walters of Urban Milwaukee and WisPolitics gave a rundown of some of the priorities of these nutjobs, who are likely to make up a GOP Senate caucus that Walters calls the most conservative “in decades, maybe ever.” Take a look at some of the items these goofs will be sure to push for if they stay in the majority. I have a few comments to throw in with Walters’ list.
*Creation of a special legislative committee with the power to subpoena records of closed secret John Doe investigations conducted by local district attorneys. Republicans would love to see the records of DAs who, with the cooperation of the now-shuttered Government Accountability Board, investigated fund raising by Walker and his supporters before and after he survived a 2012 recall election. (hey dickheads, you want John Doe items all out in public? So do I! But I bet you’ll be as selective as the latest House Committee on BENGHAZI or James Comey in dealing with Hillary Clinton's emails when it comes to what the people actually see)

*Changing the state Constitution so governors appoint – instead of voters electing – the state superintendent of public instruction. (because the WisGOPs might not like what the people choose, and independence of any state agency is something these fascists cannot abide).

*Making it a felony to injure or kill a child younger than one year by co-sleeping, if the adult is intoxicated. (an obvious racist dog-whistle. And for Christ’s sake, hasn’t the parent kind of suffered enough in that situation?)

*Making it harder to collect workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits, and requiring state agencies to verify personal details in court orders before they approve public benefits. (Yes, another money-wasting “hate the poor” measure. This has done wonders for our state’s economy, hasn’t it?)

*Eliminating the personal property tax, which the nonprofit Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says is $287 million that helps local governments pay for public services.
That last one is a real doozy, because it’s basically a straight giveaway to businesses, with the average homeowner being the one that’ll have to pay higher property taxes to make up the difference. And tell me one job or one bump in workers’ wages that will be added to the state from this? But no surprise, given that this crew has been all about protecting and expanding the profits of the WMC oligarchs instead of encouraging new business developments and improving the talent base or wages of the state’s workforce.

And that is just a small piece of the overall WisGOP Senate agenda. Walters also mentions that these slimeballs from “the party of local control” plan to override the wishes of local governments on everything from tenants’ rights to the school referenda to public employee retirement benefits (likely through raising the retirement age and trying to mess with the amount of pension payouts). Oh, and they might want to recommend an amendment to the US Constitution requiring a balanced budget amendment or some kind of new convention, and they don’t care about the consequences of such an act. Yes, these GOPs are that deep into the Bubble, and that disinterested in dealing with realities like job creation, health care, or adequately funding K-12 or the UW.

This paints an extremely bleak picture for the 2017-19 Legislative session. And the only way it changes is if people in less urbanized areas of Wisconsin remove crooked GOP Senators that are supposed to be “representing” them, but instead are working for out-of-district and out-of-state oligarchs to FUBAR the state beyond repair (oh, and vote in Mark Harris to the open seat in Fondy-Oshkosh-Waupun). I can’t do this for you guys, so please, if any of you are in an even-numbered Senate district with a GOP running in it, know that those people have disqualified themselves from the ability to take votes that reflect the public interest, and you need to kick their asses out in 8 days. Or else there might not be a state worth saving by the time you get another chance at these slugs in 2020.

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  1. The Democrats really need to get the message out that corporate giveaways, such as getting rid of the personal property tax, are going to further the tax burden on homeowners. I don't see the media really communicating that on their own.