Monday, January 30, 2017

The importance of civil service illustrated again

This seems to be important to note, in light of the Monday Night Massacre being carried out by this scared, fascist administration in DC.

This is why we have civil service, because we need people with actual knowledge of their subject to be part of government, and we need people that value the outcome of their policies on people, and those who serve the people over the temporary political hacks that occupy various offices. And it's why Republicans hate civil service, because they don't like any semblance of checks and balances on their powers.

Know this, and react accordingly.


  1. The Acting AG seems to have taken her obligation seriously, and the reaction from a number of judges to the immigration halt suggests to me she is closer to the truth than the zealot who wrote the order.

    Still, the President is within his authority to remove her.

    Saying that, I am given pause by the accumulated hostility the administration displays to those who contest their point of view.

    Between the President's continual spewing of derision, his need to demean and smear the Acting AG beyond simply dismissing her, the attitude displayed by Spicer towards the State Department, the recent comments from Bannon and Conway concerning the press, and the placement of Bannon on the NSC as a full participant, this crew looks like they are working hard to isolate and insulate themselves.

    The accusation that this amounts to a coup against the US Government bears more weight than it did a few days ago.

    1. This is how business people operate- they think they can do whatever they want, don't care who is hurt in the process, and prefer loyalty to honesty.

      And they really don't understand the concept of outsiders telling them "No" and having to go along with it. Which is why business people generally suck at this government thing.