Wednesday, October 28, 2020

COVID breaking out in all corners of Wisconsin. And GOP's blind eye isn't helping

There is nothing good to report on the COVID front in Wisconsin, and that's true in pretty much every part of the state.

Let's start in the place where VP Mike Pence, he of the multiple staff members with COVID, is heading to the airplane hangar in Mosinee for a rally today. This comes 6 weeks after President Trump had a rally at the same Marathon County site, and let's look at what has happened since then, shall we?
Not good. Neither is the situation in Rock County, where Trump was last week.
Trump was also in Waukesha last weekend, while that county's epidemic continued to worsen.
Trump went to the La Crosse County community of West Salem yesterday to hang with the Trumpers that run Kwik Trip have another rally. La Crosse County had a huge spike when students returned to classes at the local UW campus, and while it had declined since then, the county was still seeing 3 times the new cases that were happening in August.
And now you get a Trump SuperSpreader event. Good luck, guys.

What's interesting is that La Crosse County hadn't seen the recent resurgences that other counties with big UW campuses had seen. For example, look at last week's jumps in the counties that have UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stevens Point, and UW-Platteville.
And the county with the flagship school in Madison is not immune, setting a record for new cases last week after the virus seemed to have been calmed over the previous 5 weeks.
Which corresponds to national headlines from the biggest sports team at UW-Madison today. Maybe the reality of no Badger football on the Saturday before the election might make the average Wisconsin meathead recognize that this thing is real and that it's a real problem. Most won't (because it takes effort), but if a few are able to, I'll take it.

Nothing is going well here, but yet the GOP-controlled Legislature hasn't met once in the last 6 months to try to do anything that might try to control the spread of the virus, or even to help Wisconsinites that are dealing with the health and economic effects of our COVID-19 breakout. And while I am skeptical of its claim that the presidential race is still tight in Wisconsin, this part of the Marquette Law School poll seemed to indicate that state voters had connected the dots on theGOP's inaction. Right as those numbers were coming out, we got this headline, which is NOT from The Onion. I was told a couple of years ago not to swear so much on this site, but there's no other honest response to reading this. While Biden +17 in Wisconsin feels too good to be true, given the way GOPs have failed to do a damn thing about this crippling pandemic, and tried to keep it "out of sight, out of mind" to give an illusion of normalcy, they deserve a beating like that in 6 days.

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