Wednesday, January 4, 2023

GOP clown show in House a natural combo of BubbleWorld BS and soulless scum

On Day 2 of what is supposed to be a new Legislative session in DC, we still don't have the House of Representatives set up.

So what can be cleared up within the Republican caucus that would allow for Kevin McCarthy to get the last few votes and become Speaker?

Oh, so any one House member can waste time and put the Speaker's position on the line if their fee-fees get hurt....or just do it for the hell of it? Not really a way to run a popcorn stand.

What else could be worked out?

What do you expect from a group of BubbleWorld BSers who don't care about real-world consequences of their words and votes. They have no incentive TO care, because their big goal is Faux News air time and campaign donations from other MAGAt dead-enders. Just say a group of magic words - no matter what order or context you say them.

Wait, here comes one of Wisconsin's own to tell us there's nothing to be too concerned about here!

PATHETIC . This isn't a debate on an issue. This is an internal GOP argument on who leads the Party in the House, and what kind of BS issues they will waste time on. It has ZERO to do with anything that affects everyday Americans.

Between that and Gallagher telling Trump to "call off" the January 6 riot ....and later voted to acquit Trump from impeachment for his actions (and inactions) in that riot, Mikey has the GOP two-step act down pat. But he and the rest of the GOP look pretty pathetic to most people in Real America both today, and in 2024.

I want to mention that Dem messaging has been surprising good through this. Not only in sticking behind Hakeem Jeffries and telling McCarthy "that's your problem, dude," but also in consistently saying "Dems are the only ones who want to get to work on real issues that people care about."

The day in the House ends quite fittingly. As a complete train wreck and a pyrrhic "victory" by McCarthy's group as they....agree to get out of there without a Speaker.

So now we wait till tomorrow for the next day of absrudity in Kevin McCarthy's ridiculous endeavor to become the most toothless House Speaker ever. Maybe there will be a break in the ice that happens overnight.

A real man would have had deal-breakers on how he would lead, and if it didn't work out, he'd have pulled the plug, stopped the humiliation, gotten some consensus pick to become Speaker, and moved on. But that wouldn't be Kevin McCarthy, now would it?

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