Monday, April 24, 2023

In GOP BubbleWorld, losing in Wisconsin doesn't mean new ideas. It's new schemes to keep power

After losing by increasingly large margins in the 2022 Governor’s race and the Supreme Court race earlier this month, you’d think that Wisconsin Republicans might get the hint, and adjust their policies and strategies. Especially with it being likely that their gerrymandered maps will be thrown out, leading to a situation where more GOP legislators are in danger of losing in 2024.

Well, you would be wrong, my friend!
With liberals poised to take control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers standing in the way of most Republican policies, some conservatives are calling on state lawmakers to ramp up their use of constitutional amendments to enact or preserve legislation.

Constitutional amendments offer Republicans an advantage in promoting GOP policies because they only require approval from the Legislature — the one branch of government conservatives will control after August — before going before voters.

Anthony LoCoco, chief legal counsel and director of oversight for the conservative Institute for Reforming Government, said constitutional amendments could be used to protect conservative policies like right to work, school choice and elements of Act 10, former Republican former Gov. Scott Walker’s signature 2011 legislation that effectively eliminated collective bargaining rights for most public-sector employees….

“Obviously there’s a lot of discussion in the wake of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race about possible challenges to Scott Walker-era reforms, and with respect to the executive branch, it’s going to be difficult to accomplish things legislatively with divided government,” LoCoco said. “But what conservatives do have is massive majorities in the Legislature, and that’s half of the equation for enacting a constitutional amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution.
A Milwaukee-based GOP hack gave another example of this type of reaction, saying that too many young people stepped up to vote in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

A board member of the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation recently told top Republican donors that conservatives need to curtail college voting, singling out Wisconsin among four other states.

Cleta Mitchell made the comments during an April 15 presentation at a Republican National Committee donor retreat in Nashville, according to a report appearing in The Washington Post....

Mitchell said: "Wisconsin is a big problem because of the first day, because of the polling locations on college campuses. There are 501c3's (nonprofits). Their goal for the Supreme Court race was to turn out 240,000 college students in that Supreme Court race. And we don't have anything like that and we need to figure out how to do that and combat that."

One example of the effectiveness of getting students to the polls was in Eau Claire, where the highest turnout came from Ward 20, which serves a number of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire dorms.

Nearly 900 votes were cast there compared to the 150 in the 2019 state Supreme Court race. Protasiewicz got 87% of the vote in the recent spring election.
So instead of seeing these numbers and asking themselves “Why are we not appealing to these voters”, WisGOPs would rather figure out how to keep students and other less-typical Wisconsin voters from being able to control their futures.

(Side note - as I've asked numerous times, why aren't we TAXING THE BRADLEYS? "Charity", my a$$!)

We saw similar clownery from washed-up former Governor Scott Walker, who says the real problem is that college students are learning about stuff.

That “indoctrination” is what the non-Bubble World calls “learning about others and being a decent person to them.” And the less fearful and more accepting people are of others, the more likely they are to vote Dem. In the face of that reality, Walker and other GOPs are trying to do their own indoctrination by whitewashing history and trying to make their own Bubble of BS bigger and bigger.

This lack of accountability and avoidance of facts is kind of hilarious because this denial will mean the GOPs are very unlikely win in the states they need to win to beat Joe Biden, or to take several Senate races in 2024 (including Wisconsin). But it is also frustrating, because there is so much RW oligarch money to fund these talentless grifters and keep them from having to reckon for their failures, and that gets in the way of real progress and advancement in many parts of this state and country.

Which helps to explain that when Real America and Real Wisconsin isn’t buying what they want to sell, these Republican oligarchs and elites don’t ask themselves why, but instead trying to develop new schemes to keep and expand their power despite what the people think. And it is why they ALL must go down, and go down even harder.

Which is why they are ALL bad, and ALL deserve to lose. Eradicating this crooked, illegitimate GOP garbage at all levels and via as many pathways as possible is the only way this state and this country can improved from the damage that conservatives have imposed on it. And can restore a true “consent of the governed” in Wisconsin and in America.

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