Monday, October 23, 2023

GIANNIS will be sticking around here a bit longer

There are some things going on that can bring a guy down this time of year. Both in the world at large, and with tragedies striking far too many family and friends in recent weeks.

But there are other things that can raise spirits, and make you realize that there is still a chance for decency and goodness to work out, even in 2023.

This is everything right with professional sports. A top-level athlete who cares most about winning and being in a place where he and his young family can be comfortable. And now he's staying in our state for another 5 years.

And I also concur with this statement.

It's hilarious how Coastal Media thinks they are somehow "entitled" to these great players, and that it's somehow more important that they be successful in the big markets compared to other places. They don't understand that it doesn't matter at all in 2023. The NBA is a international sport where individual stars and their personalities matter. Where they play doesn't, and all of the owners are absurdly rich and making money. So why wouldn't Giannis have stayed in the place he could (by NBA rule) make the most money, and continue to have a great chance of winning?

It's not like Giannis lacks for endorsement dollars, even if he plays in one smallest markets in the League.

Heck, Giannis' new teammate had huge amounts of national ads and exposure while he was playing for a bad team in even-smaller and more remote Portland.

Got the people in place, and the franchise guy locked up through 2028. Now time to start the season and bring back another title to the Brew City. Being able to witness a great performer like Giannis on a daily basis is something we should never take for granted, and the fact that he sees the bigger picture and wants to thrive in our state is something that's even better.

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  1. The Portland market is not smaller than Milwaukee's.