Thursday, October 12, 2023

GOPs won't admit reality, because they rely on a Bubble of BS. And now it's failing hilariously.

Yesterday, it seemed like reality continued to seep in when it came to ending Assembly Speaker Robbin' Vos's absurd (and possibly illegal) idea of impeaching new Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

Vos asked three former justices to review the possibility of impeachment, but he refused to name them. Prosser told the AP that he was on the panel, but other justices either said they weren’t on it or did not comment.

In a court filing, Vos identified the other two as Roggensack and Wilcox. All three of those picked by Vos are conservatives. Roggensack served 20 years on the court and her retirement this year created the vacancy that Protasiewicz filled with her election win in April.

Wilcox was on the court from 1992 to 2007 and Prosser served from 1998 to 2016.

A state judiciary disciplinary panel has also rejected several complaints lodged against Protasiewicz that alleged she violated the judicial code of ethics with comments she made during the campaign.
So when Vos was asked about this ahead of today's transphobic assembly session, he brought out his dancing shoes.
Vos told reporters Thursday that while he is not moving forward with impeaching Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz on the floor today, it's possible lawmakers will make the unprecedented move in the future.

After first warning in August that impeachment could be possible for Protasiewicz if she did not recuse from a lawsuit before the court challenging the Legislature's boundaries, Vos backed away from the idea earlier this week after after a former conservative state Supreme Court Justice advised Vos not to pursue the idea.

On Thursday, he suggested if Protasiewicz sides with Democrats on the redistricting lawsuit, Republican lawmakers could still pursue impeachment.

"If we see that the contributions that the Democratic Party made, expecting a result, result in that ... (impeachment) will certainly be something that we have to keep on the table because she will not live up to her oath," Vos told reporters at a press conference in the state Capitol ahead of an Assembly floor session.
That's quite a bit different than Robbin's original threat of impeaching before Janet even heard a case, and would at least wait until an actual decision is rendered before any impeachment action might take place.

At least that would be legal (albeit it would still be BS), and wouldn't get in the way of any redistricting decision. But look at how Robbin' has to still try to convince the MAGAt trash that he is still considering impeachment, and is trying to two-step his way through a self-inflicted mess he and other GOPs have made in a cynical attempt to appeal to "the base".

Just a pathetic clown show. But not the worst clown show in a Capitol this week.

And the reason is that the GOP Bubble of BS has now made Republicans incapable of governing. Republicans have to rely on feeding garbage to their base of MAGAts in order to stay in power, and to survive primaries once they stay in power. There also is a sizable amount of elected Republicans who think their "job" is to run in front of cameras, say and do stupid crap, and watch the donations roll in from the rubes. Like this Two-Faced fool.

Know what they and Faux News hosts don't care about? POLICY! Just like their boy Trump. And because these Republi-fools think their entire job is a show and don't involve having to get any real work done or even connecting to reality, we get nothing beyond big talk and spectacle.

GOPs have earned a massive loss in 2024. Both in the Wisconsin courts, and in the voting booths. And crushing these MAGAts at every level is the only way that we can get this state and this country back into a place where we would have a chance of a politics where there is a real attempt to figure out real solutions to real problems. Until then, it's got to be the Dems that have to do it all.

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